Laura Donovan Elementary School

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Staff Directory

Laura Donovan Elementary Staff Directory 2022-2023
Principal Ms. Benbrook [email protected] 6100
Supervisor Ms. Hittinger [email protected] 6105
Nurse Ms. Armstrong [email protected] 6108
Guidance Counselor Ms. Harris [email protected] 6107
Principal's Secretary Ms. Rusterholz [email protected] 6100
Office Assistant Ms. Belfiore [email protected] 6101
Fax 732-308-9238
Kindergarten Teachers
Ms. Chiera [email protected]  6456
Ms. Strout [email protected]  6454
Ms. Johnson [email protected] 6454
Ms. Woods [email protected] 6453
First Grade Teachers
Mr. Colvin [email protected] 6426
Ms. Donahue [email protected] 6423
Ms. Hohmann [email protected] 6422
Ms. Murphy [email protected] 6423
Ms. Sorce 
Second Grade Teachers
Ms. Azar [email protected] 6401
Ms. Mallon [email protected] 6403
Ms. Reed [email protected] 6400
Ms. Roche [email protected]  6402
Third Grade Teachers
Ms. Haines 6406
Ms. Kuhn 6409
Ms. Meeker 6408
Ms. Parke [email protected] 6406
Ms. Rodia [email protected] 6407
Fourth Grade Teachers
Ms. Borgatti 6414
Ms. Hanlon [email protected] 6418
Ms. Harris [email protected] 6416
Ms. Metti [email protected] 6420
Ms. Murphy [email protected] 6420
Fifth Grade Teachers
Ms. Creech 6427
Ms. Moody [email protected] 6428
Ms. Deutsch 6430
Ms. Nielsen [email protected] 6428
Resource Room Teachers
Ms. Belka 6421
Ms. Lennon [email protected] 6413
Ms. Monahan [email protected] 6429
Ms. Marino [email protected] 6419
ELL Teachers
Ms. DelQuaglio [email protected] 6440
Ms. Elman 6441
Ms. Hohmann [email protected] 6439
Ms. Makaro 6447
Related Arts Teachers
Phys. Ed./Health Ms. DiTommaso [email protected] 6443
Phys. Ed./Health Mr. Cantelli [email protected] 6442
Media Center Ms. Kablaoui  6109
Music Ms. Gilgan [email protected] 6444
Instrumental Music Ms. Gilgan [email protected] 6444
Art Ms. DiMeola 6437
Spanish Ms. Fernandez  6405
Ms. D'Angelo 6424
Ms. Pagenkopf [email protected] 6542
Ms. Harmon 6417
Child Study Team and Related Services
Social Worker Mr. McClish 6106
Psychologist Ms. Sharma 6106
LDTC Ms. Lawlor 6106
Occupational Therapist Ms. Block [email protected]   
Physical Therapist Ms. Hirschhorn [email protected]  
Instructional Coach
Ms. Potts-Matyas [email protected] 6404
Teacher Assistants
Ms. Dougherty
Ms. Field
Ms. Macri
Ms. Ferro-Armitt
Ms. Cohen
Ms. Gonzalez
Ms. Mouselli
Ms. Natoli
Mr. O'Neill
Ms. Petroff
Ms. Traina
Ms. Wagner
Mr. Ceravolo (Lead Custodian)
Ms. Buteleviciute
Mr. Casella
Mr. Fresta
Ms. Olden